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Poor Rendering of lyrics by new singers: Will ARR wake up? Poor Rendering of lyrics by new singers: Will ARR wake up?

Topic started by Neels (@ on Tue May 12 12:56:20 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Tamizh Ini Mella Chaagum????

Gone are the days when play back singers took pains to render the lyrics to perfect pronunciation.
It's appalling to see the way some new artists are KILLING Tamil words.
ARR is himself pretty bad in correct rendering of words..
Suresh Peters tops the list, ofcourse.
And what's alarming is even reputed classical singers like Unni Krishnan have mispronounced many words in Jeans.

For instance, most of them can't differenciate between
1. Palli (as in school) and Palli (as in Lizard).
2. Manam (Mind, Heart) and Manam (Smell).

(Actors Prabhu and Nassar have the same problem too.)

Listen to the so called hilight of Iruvar, the rendering of some verses by Arvind Swamy...
its amazing how Vairamuthu and Mani Ratnam allowed this massacre....



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