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ARR Fan Club in Malaysia! Join it!!! ARR Fan Club in Malaysia! Join it!!!

Topic started by S.Vijai Ananth (@ on Tue Feb 3 03:55:34 EST 2004.
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Dear Malaysian Rahmaniacs,

I have got great news for you guys. Mr.Augustine(PR and
Marketing of ARR's Unity of Light) has initiated the setting up of a
AR Rahman Fan Club in Malaysia!!!!! We are still working on the
blueprint right now. the following are the benefits and privilges
you will enjoy through this club:-

Incentives & Privileges

• Members are entitled to purchase any albums/soundtracks of
A.R Rahman (Audio CD/Cassettes/VCDs/DVDs) with discounts up to 15%
(Malaysia only)*
• Special Invitation for the launch of any A.R Rahman album
releases in Malaysia and also Press Conferences.
• Invitation to our Rahmaniac gatherings.
• Exclusive Membership Card for every member.
• Special discounts on tickets of future A.R Rahman concerts
in Malaysia.
• Exclusive gatherings and dinners with singers and musicians
of future A.R Rahman concerts………..AND many more to come.

Proposals and suggestions are most welcome.

*Only Applicable for Tamil albums/soundtracks.

For further queries, please contact the following PRO-TEM committee:

1. S.Vijai Ananth 0125676716 vijai_arr@h...

2. Thadjul Ariffin 0162524214 rippein@y...

3. Abisheg 0122779196 abisheg77@h...

4. Murali 0126539934 murali2778@y...

5. Mohd. Yasser 0168226695 MOHDYASEER@y...

6. James 0196936192 pearl_rock@h...

7. Augustine 0166812704 warmapudi@h...

Please respond by 21st February 2004 via e-mail or by contacting
us. Any applications beyond this deadline will not be entertained,

Thank You.

S.Vijai Ananth
(PRO-TEM Membership Drive Coordinator)


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