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Yanni's interview Yanni's interview

Topic started by Anand Mahadevan (@ on Sun Jun 7 11:10:06 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Yanni was on Larry king live on Friday(06/05/98)
and was talkin about promoting his new album "tribute".He is doing a 18 month road trip across the world.Its typically a 3 hr perfomance and then an half hour technical Q & A session.When asked why this road trip,he said his mucic can have a much more profound effect when its live rather than on a CD.He wanted to feel the pulse.
This I think is true as this gives the audience a much better upliftment rather than listening to a CD at home.
I think IR can plan a road trip across India to promote his sysmphony(if released) and try to reach out more.IR wants us to come to him.He does'nt want to reach out.I am not sure wether this is egostic or pure self indulgence.I think any artist needs some kind of reach and Yanni was clearly making a point.
Thoughts on this would be interesting.
Anand Mahadevan


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