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List TFM MDs & singers List TFM MDs & singers

Topic started by A.G.Kutty (@ on Mon Apr 9 10:11:34 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The discussions in TFM most of the time get confined to specific singers and MDs who are very popular or who are currently in the scene.While it is to be appreciated that TFM do cover discussions on lot of artists and topics, there may be great contributors to TFM about whom we have not discussed at all.I am opening this forum requesting participants to list TFM singers , both male and female and MDs they remember .Period can be right from start of Tamil cinema to ongoing time. The list will help to create a data base of singers/MDs and once the discussions are complete, we can organize a listing, preferably, alphabetically. This will also help us to identify whether TFM missed out any key players
of music in past or present.


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