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TFM DFers Reunion - Class of 9x, 2kx - Down Memory Lane TFM DFers Reunion - Class of 9x, 2kx - Down Memory Lane

Topic started by cosmician (@ on Tue Mar 26 01:26:00 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi All,

Apologise for this sudden and unusual thread.
We have regular contributors and silent watchers in these forums, some new, some have been there since inception of the forums. Today we have a lot of new faces and there will be more.

I am just curious to know about which year/month did you join in the discussions here..

..I still remember chancing upon TFMPage in Jan 2001 and sparking off a war in the 'IR's latest' thread unknowingly without realizing the ongoing IR-ARR fans blood feud ! A few of the DFers who were around (and are still)around were : kiru (the audiologist), bharath (a new generation fan), swami (sangeetha vidwan and once Bharath's nemesis!), common friend (a balanced fan), ambleen, eden(who got hurt when I said that he was still stuck in the 70s!), Karthik S (the music dealer who can make out a fake from an original!)...and a lot more interesting people that I have not mentioned !

Could you guys/gals tell us when and how you joined the discussions here and also narrate any funny incidents or discussions that had happened ?


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