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ARR going Global - Article on ARR in Sify Telugu ARR going Global - Article on ARR in Sify Telugu

Topic started by NCR (@ on Wed May 29 15:35:22 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

For those who can read telugu.

Highlights are as follows.

1) ARR settled in London doesnt want to move for atleast one year. He asking everybody to come to London with their work. He is asking to send lyrics by fax or tell them by phone.Lyricist are complaining about this as they have to make changes and send them either of the way again and again.

2) It seems Rajkumar Santoshi and few from Tipps Audio Co has to spend 50lakhs by staying in London for finalising the songs for movie Bhagat Singh. They have to do this as ARR insisted on people coming to him rather than the other way.

3) It seems differences are arising between ARR and Vairamuthu because of attitude or ARR. Only 2 of 7 songs in BABA movie are finalised. Rajanikanth will go to London to finish the songs and Vairamuthu is reluctant to go along. People are wondering whether movie can be released on 15th Aug as scheduled.

4)There is alot of western influence on ARR in which people are not that much interested now a days. It seems people are criticising ARR for all these. Since he is more interested in chances which getting and slowly his market is growing abroad. This is not liked by bigwigs of movie industry. At the same time, Film industry wants to slowly sideline ARR becuase of all these which is not good for ARR.



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