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MSV did music for about 1700 films? MSV did music for about 1700 films?

Topic started by MusicMouse (@ on Sun Feb 15 01:43:09 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I read recently in papers and magazines which told that MSV did music for more than 1700 films and more than 300 non-film albums (devotional album, etc.).

But I doubt about the total number albums.
After IR came, there was no market to him. After 1980, he did only less than 100 films. I don't know that when his first film was released. But it should be greater than 1950.

In 30 years he did 1600 films?
Therefore, averagely he have done 63 films in one year. I can't believe this.

IR did 48 movies in tamil in 1985. I have read in magazines that this was a record.

Any MSV fans confirm the total number of movies music done by MSV.

Anybody can list the name, year of movies order by language?

PS : IR crosses only 800 movies in his 25 years.


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