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ARR's Publicity Stunt A Failure! ARR's Publicity Stunt A Failure!

Topic started by tranknu (@ on Sun Feb 23 01:00:41 EST 2003.
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Seems that the turnout for his Unity Of Light was a failure. Average turnout was the best one could say.

ARR has lost his status in the last few years in Tamil Film industry because of his mediocre output. Its either he ran out of ideas and can't produce anything good anymore or because he indulged too much in Bombay Dreams in London. He has churned out very ordinary songs for all the movies he committed to including Baba in the last few years.

Industry people know that not much producers have been going for his music for the last few years except his loyalist Shankar and Mani Ratnam and some Hindi producers. His music has become so mundane and stale that people are buying it. Thye are not finding any substance in it. Realizing this after coming back from London and desperate to get back to Tamil Film industry, he wanted to do something very quickly and desperately to regain some status. He has pulled a stunt using the late Mahesh's situation. One wonders from where did his association with Mahesh suddenly surface from? Why the sudden tour and concert in India after all this while? It's obvious he wants to be famous again and therefore found this opportunity. Also, one more thing to take note is that he is making himself very available to everyone nowadays in the hope of going back to his stature of his early days in the industry.

What he is trying to do is not surprising as he pulled a previous stunt with Rajnikanth before. It was reported that after Ilayaraaja turned down Rajni to do Baba(as they are still the best of friends till today), Rajni got a call from ARR from London just to congratulate and wish him on his new film on the pretentous fact that he might be offered the MD. Rajni did offer to ARR but he squandered it.

May be elsewhere in India they may be fooled but I guess people of Tamil Nadu are not that stupid by his gimmicks anymore.


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