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Whole song in suspended chords Whole song in suspended chords

Topic started by Sridhar Seetharaman (@ on Thu Jul 23 11:50:34 EDT 1998.
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I was trying to get the chords for "Nee Thanae en pon vasantham " from "Ninaivellaam Nithya". I was surpised at the genius of Raja. The whole song is built with F Sus (F Bb C) and C Sus (C F G). The other song, I could think which mostly uses Sus Chord is "Maadathilae Kanni Maadathilae" built on E Sus and Em major. Could anybody help me list other songs with chords not commonly used. I know that "Chodha Yeh Hum " from "Maachis" uses some interesting chords.

Interesting "Nee Thanae" is built with the following notes : F G Bb C Eb F. Looks like Brindavana Saranga. No wonder the F Sus and C Sus worked very well for this song.


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