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Pure IR Type Sensuous Songs in TFM likw Alaigalil Midhakudhu Pure IR Type Sensuous Songs in TFM likw Alaigalil Midhakudhu

Topic started by NETHU RAATHIRI YAMMA (@ on Fri May 2 22:23:35 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I heard 3 "sensuous" songs of IR recentely - very similar in the TYPE and style yet each one mindboggling -1. Alaigalil Midharkudhu in Andha Oru Nimidam, 2. Subha Raathiri in MMMKR; 3. Meendum Meendum Vaa in Vikram. These three are exactly same style all 3 for Kamal. ARRahman has got one too - Enna Mogam Kannamma in Manitha Manitha. I think KR has got some in that style also. But, let me tell you onething. The only creative artiste who has composed for sensuous and comedy situations (three small examples Aha Vandidichu in Kalyana rama, Barla Barla in Ellam Inba Mayam, Engengu Kanden Emma in Ullasa Paravaigal.) For this alone, we've to built a temple right away ;--) Also, KamalHaasan should be the Pujari, great man I say. Really, superb musical presentations non pareil - (poriyal illaya, ithuthaan ya samayal unavu... this is it, boss, i am retiring now ;--)
I've heard some more exciting numbers, please if somebody in themood, pls pls list here.


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