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Upload and Download Rajini MP3 Songs Upload and Download Rajini MP3 Songs

Topic started by Shadotcom (@ on Mon Jun 30 21:32:13 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Dear Friends,

I am collecting all type of Rajini MP3 songs for Rajinikanth E-Fans Association. Presently i have the following Rajini MP3 songs at

We need to collect some more Rajini MP3 Songs and if you have any more of them, kindly upload them at and give us the url link so that i can update it accordingly.

If you have the songs in Audio CD, you can convert them to MP3 by using the below software (dbpowerAMP)

Before converting the Audio CD song to MP3, you are required to put the following setting:
Frequency : 44100 Hz
Channel : Joint Stereo



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