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Quite Ignored MD SARajkumar... Does he has any talent or not? Quite Ignored MD SARajkumar... Does he has any talent or not?

Topic started by Kum_Laden (@ on Sat Mar 22 16:54:47 EST 2003.
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As of god creation, nobody is perfect and also nobody is without a talent. I saw in an old interview Director VIkraman talking about SAR. he said SAR has this strong musical power to melt your heart with his melodies. Yes, SAR has have agreed sometimes he lift tunes from bollywood, well everyone is being complained lifting these days.

I always (from 'Sinnapove Mellapesu' when i was a kid) have been a fan of SAR.. some of his melodies are really nice i belive.

Samples from a nice movie named Manasukkul Mathaapu *ing Prabu and Saranya. (recorded as mp3 from raaga...for my personal use.)


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