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Salutes to Shanmukhapriya (Raaga)!! Salutes to Shanmukhapriya (Raaga)!!

Topic started by Ram (@ on Fri Oct 10 06:49:10 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Shanmughapriya is a versatile raga practiced for all emotions. We can go for a mindblowing melody or block bustering Rap sort. everything fits finely in this raaga.

Sollayo Vaithirandhu - Moghamul is a good number in melody.

Kannukkul nooru nilava - vedham pudhidhu is a westernized stuff.

Kadhal Kasakkudhaiyya - ?? is a country music oriented piece.

Ooru Vittu ooru vandhu - from Karagattakkaran is also a pakka "Dadppanguthu" where you can feel teh flavour in charanam easily.

Please add more songs in raagam shanmughapriya.


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