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Topic started by Mumbai Ramki (@ on Fri Jan 9 18:03:44 EST 2004.
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1.Shock Adikuthu Penu - Ranjith ,Suchitra
Any sizziling song Suchitra ....That is the trend now ..She will defintely replace Vasundra Das ..Coming to the song ...The interludes are electronic ,no scope of any natural instruments ....Charanam resemmbles the "yukta Mugi Yukta Mugi " song ....( NO copy for sure ) ....The song is of type "Kadhaal oru thanikatchi " types .....Ok song ..7.5/10..extremely Bad lyrics ....

2.Azhaagu Neey - Kalpana ,neey a
This song, a perfect dappanguthu ....U might have guessed by choice of Tippu ..This song sounds like old Illayraaja song with Manisharam dappanguthu beats ..Interludes ,no speciality ..just plain dappanguthu beats ,meaningless sound s...May become a one more "ad aal thotta Bhupathi " ...7.5/10U can compare the song with "Paavadai panchavarnam ' from Aanjeyneya ...

3.MethuMethuvai Methuvai - SPB ,Chitra
How many years we have to wait for a SPB ,Chitra duet .....The song starts with a clean flute ...but messed up the interludes with Rehman type of fast violins ,beats followed up by a veena /sitar ..etc ...Charanams are very very sweet ...Very very nice song ..Masetro sir ,please use these singers .....9.5/10..HATS off to SPB ,chitra ...

4.Kanan Smittana -Karthik ,Mahalaskhmi
I guessed this song shoudl eb another "koiyakka " song from alaudin ...The prelude is full of bangra type of beats ..This is a fast bangra type of song ..Sound slike dapanguthu song from Majnu ..Interludes as usual noisy ..Nothing special ..7.5/10

5.Kannauvu Kanalam - Vijay Yesudas ,Chitra
One more chitra song ..WOW!!!!Starts witha godo flute ...a nice melody with good beats ..can be compared to "kaadhal Vanthathum 'from Povellam Un Vasam song ,but a bit faster ...Interludes are lot better ,with violins,flute taking the lead ....Chitra elevates the song ...Vijay has sung much better when compared to his other songs ..This song has abit of hindi flavour 8/10

6.Alek -Shankar Mahadevan ,Kalpana
As soon as i saw Shankar mahaadevan ,i guessed teh mood ..SOme meaningless sounds ,fast song ,electronic sounds .....Ok song ..regular Shankar mahadevan ..May become a bit commercially ..Sound sliek ajim bhu baa song from aladin ..7.5/10


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