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Great Non-TFM that TFM fans enjoy / or should be aware of Great Non-TFM that TFM fans enjoy / or should be aware of

Topic started by isai_nanban (@ on Wed Jul 23 23:19:32 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I don't know how much open minded TFM fans are in general. Me As an HCIRF, like IR himself I yearn to appreciate other exciting musical works from around the world.
In India itself, I find film composer are fantastic, familiar with Malayalam (real native instruments Salil, Arjunan, Dakshinamoorthy, Devarajan) Hindi, some Bengali and Kannada composers (RajanNagendra, GKV, VijayBhaskar).
Latin tunes are melodious and sublime; Beethoven Piano concertos to Mussorgsky; 70s Pop; American genres particularly Hollywood soundtracks pre-80s are my favorites. I don't use benchmarks but I end up comparing works of IR/MSV with those.
The quest is: what Non-TFM excites a TFM Fan in the same way ARR/IR /MSV does? And, how or why. This way, it is good to discover non-TFM music that TFM fans must learn about..... (If someone does not bring Madonna into the picture here, but have heard of a fascinating song called Maria Magdalene, this thread should do fine ;---))


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