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Get Together in Ireland - Handshake between Kharaharpriya and Sankarabharanam Family Members Get Together in Ireland - Handshake between Kharaharpriya and Sankarabharanam Family Members

Topic started by Aditya (@ on Tue Jan 1 09:41:36 EST 2002.
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The title song of Parthale Paravasam is the most innovative handshake between kharaharapriya and Sankarabharanam. Shashi has reviewed this album and for this song the rating was 8.5/10. I am afraid that this song may become underrecognized gem of ARR. ARR tried in the past in many songs but was not as successful in terms of perfect fusion. This song promises that ARR has much bigger scope than just Film Music - Even some other MD comes in future to serve the film music, ARR still have a good career in Music.

This song is not just another peppy fast number - it's an awesome carnatic fusion and quiet an intelligent composition.

Before I delve deeper about what I meant, I am expecting from other connoiseurs of music to give a close attention to the song and come back for discussion.

Salient Points:

- ARR has experimented in this song all along. He presented it as a contemporary fast number. So immediately the experimentation won't be evident - He know that fact 100% - and that's why towards the end, he presented the essense of this fusion experiment with a carnatic classical vocal phrase sung by the female lead singer. Watch out what happens during that phrase.
- Some of the shouts that come in the middle of the song, keeps the listener thinking that they are for the sake of the fast number feel. But watch out they are the milestones for him to change the raga.
- Some of the Measures in the middle of the song have just the drum beats with very little orchestration - that's yet another chance for the singer to breath and set the mood for the next change in the composition.

- As far as the thread name goes, i will have to mention that the leader of the kharaharapriya family is abheri and the leader of the sankarabharanam family is Begada. I am not aware of anyone using begada raga in film music.
May be IR would have used it owing to your magnanimous virtuosity.

Here goes Shashi's review of this song.
9. Parthale paravasam: Starts with vocals (Rehana, Ganga, Febi, Feji and Poornima) and multiple ambient effects
(reminded....) Rythm intro. followed by an electric rock guitar lick that is
to die for! (This is so catchy that it was used in the movies' website).
Pallavi starts with good techno chord/bass support and then finally a techno
sounding rythm as well. The pallavi is very imaginaive and once again
towards the end of the pallavi the rock guitar retuns for one last time.
Worth mentioning are the numerous techno/vocal (scream effects) etc. The 1st
interlude is techno and synth string with modulation effects and breaks to a
sweet, folkish synth flute based melody and rythm; strings follow and male
chorus with 'thapichiko' is cute. 1st charanam is once again imaginative;
support vocals have plenty of effects including 'voice morphing' and
modulation. Pallavi returns and takes us to the 2nd interlude that has a
folkish flute definitely Irish sounding and rythm variations; as the fiddle
is added a distinctive Irish flavor develops (sounds of the future
--'Yelolo' has ARR doing Irish/Indian fusion) The 2nd charanam is similar to
the 1st with additional effects--synth cuckoo and groovy techno sounds.
Pallavi repeats with an eerie flute (which sounds great) along with all the
effects. Once again almost from nowhere a karnatic piece is introduced in
ARR's classic style with a totally western rythm accompaniment--completely
unexpected but a refreshing surprise--and the song concludes with
'thapichiko' and ambient effects. Plus points--creativity and effects;
includes the karnatic piece; minus points--mediocre lyrics; some of the
lyrics do not make sense and at other times they seem to be packed and
squeezed into every available space--sounding very prose like. Score 8.5/10

This is my opinion and am open for corrections if I learn something new out of this thread.

PS: Confessing that I didn't like this album when i heard for the first time. But realized later that this album is best so far from ARR as musician.


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