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Inspirations of Kollywood from Hollywood Inspirations of Kollywood from Hollywood

Topic started by music-man (@ on Sat Aug 7 04:04:26 EDT 2004.
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Call it plagiarism or plain inspiration, Indian commercial cinema has been importing Hollywood,European,Latin American or Japanese classics for all these years.Recently I read a newspaper article claiming some best inspirations of Tamil movies from the Hollywood stuff.I have added some more on my own findings.Pardon me if there is any discrepancy.
Some of the movies are:
1)Mahanadi-has a plot very similar to the English film "Hardcore" by William.C.Scott.
2)Anbe Sivam-inspired from"Planes,Trains and Automobiles".
3)Avai Shanmughi-inspired from "Mrs.Doubtfire".
4)Tenali-inspired from"What Bob can do".
5)Ayudha Ezuthu is also said to be an inspiration(dont know the movie).
6)Nayakkan-inspired from "Godfather".
I dont know why talented artists like Kamal get inspired so much from these Hollywood stuff.Almost each Kamal film has got an inspiration (atleast some of the scenes) like the climax fight of "Vetri Vizha" totally lifted from "The Commando".
7)Boys-said to be an inspiration from"Hot Bubblegum".(some say its from "American Pie").
8)Kadhal Kottai and E20U18-inspiration from"Shop around the Corner".
9)Jayam-inspired from "Serendipity".
10)Shock and Bhoot has shades of "The Exorcist".
11)Vaa Arugil Vaa-inspiration from "Child's Play".
12)Maya Bazaar(and to some extent "Naina") are inspired from "Ghost".
13)"New" inspired from"Big".
14)Ammavasai Iravil-inspired from "The Friday Freak".
15)"Jenma Natchathiram"-inspired from "Omen".
16)"Asuran" inspired from "Predator".
O.K. friends this is only a small list.The list is sure to bulge.What is the reason for this? Is it due to lack of creativity.At one end the MD's are busy copying sound tracks and on the other end these inspirations are going on silently.You can list ur own list of inspirations.Plz discuss.Thanks bye.


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