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MSV's Association with L.R. Eswari MSV's Association with L.R. Eswari

Topic started by kumarr (@ on Fri Nov 12 09:27:05 EST 2004.
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Dear Friends,

I am always wondering about this. Eventhough, MSV, gave the hit songs to P. Suseela, he did not fail to give one or more songs to LR Eswari in each film.

Of course, the comedy heroines as well as Glamour Actresses were there in most of the films and LRE was given opportunities by MSV to sing songs for these characters.

Also, MSV in his interviews, speaks high of LRE.

The song, which he often quotes, is the "Pattathu Raani Paarkum Paarvai Vetrikku Thaan Ena Enna Vendum" in "Sivandha Mann".

He says that the expressions, she gives in her voice in that song, particularly when Sivaji slaps the dancer with a whip, is something extra-ordinary and has not come out the same way and effectively, in its hindi-version, sung by a different singer.

Before, opening this topic, I visited "", wherein there is one news item, which features an interview with MSV.

I read that article and there too he comes up with words like

"athu thAn Balu, athu thAn LR Easwari"

In fact, this is what has prompted me to open-up this topic.

What is it that made MSV turn to LRE and to give more opportunities to her to sing in his music ?

What is special about the relationship the association between MSV and LRE ?

There should be some, I guess. Are they "Paalya Snehidhargal" ?

Also, when he was with T.K. Ramamurthy, he rotated singers and opportunities were given to all singers like AM Raja,Jikki, Sirkazhi,Janaki,Suseela,TMS,PBS,Rajeswari,Jamuna Rani and the likes.

But after, the breaking of his association with Ramamurthy, he carried on the work mostly with
TMS,PBS,AL Raghavan, PS and LRE

Janaki was ignored. Janaki was considered for singing atleast a song when the duo were together.

But after they broke their relationships, Janaki was given very less opportunities.

But, I should also tell that, MSV has given SJ, an opportunity to sing a duet with him.

And that is the wonderful song

"Sollathaan Ninaikkiraen; Ullathaal Thudikkiraen
Vaayirundhum Solvadharkku Vaarthayindri Thavaikkiraen"

Anyway,LRE was given the position next to PS.

Guys, what do you think about the association of MSV with LRE ?


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