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<b>A R Rahman and Harris Jayaraj respect Musicians, Harmony and Chorus in Tapes/Cd covers.</b> A R Rahman and Harris Jayaraj respect Musicians, Harmony and Chorus in Tapes/Cd covers.

Topic started by Tape (@ on Thu Jan 2 01:17:44 EST 2003.
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I think only after A R Rahman came into the music world, talents such as Harmony, Chorus and musicians started getting respect and recognition. It is always seen that in A R Rahman tapes and cd's, then chorus, harmony and the musicians names are printed. I think it was'nt there before ARR came.

Popular drummer Sivamani, a childhood friend of A R Rahman and a professional regular with him, says "Our association began when we both were really young. We had this band called Roots. We just make very good music together. He is a master of Laya (melody) and Taala (beat). The recognition that I enjoy today is because of Rahman. There are so many talented people behind a film music score. I played for Ilayaraja for very long, but my name never figured on the screen or the cassette cover. Rahman changed it all. He gives credit to every single member of his team for whatever part they play, big or small. That makes him really special. People came to know about me only because of him. I thank him for that".

And now Harris Jayaraj started following this procedure. Take a look at the tape covers.


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