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Assistant Music Directors -THE UNSUNG HEROS! Assistant Music Directors -THE UNSUNG HEROS!

Topic started by Rahul (@ on Tue Apr 17 10:21:31 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

It is a pity that Assistant Music Directors, who are really qualified as Music Directors, play the second fiddle.

For Eg. Govardhan - The popular tamil film music director has given excellent hit tunes. He worked as an assistant to Viswanathan-Ramamurthy and Ilayaraja.

V.S.Narasimhan - who has a class as a Classical violinist and even did music direction for recent films and gave hit songs, assists in the violin section and harmony arrangements of Ilayaraja.

Sundararajan - who was a key assistant to melody maker V.Kumar who has a wide list of melody hits in tamil films, assists Ilayaraja in melody composing charanams or pallavis, completing the song format.

Arulmozhi - the singer who does a good job as a flutist, is assisting Karthik Raja and Yuvan Shankar Raja in their composing of song melody and orchestral arrangement.

Ganesh-Kumaresh - the popular Classical violinist duo are assisting AR Rahaman full and full in melody composing.

Their individual talent warrants more. But tamil film music scenario is such, that it need promos, marketing and all the business stuff, rather than being a good musician.
Where is the value of musicianship?

In this state, when good people are shun off, you can get only craps, tamil killings and non-musical screaches as songs in tamil films.

I Propose this thread to voice for the unsung heros.


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