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AR Rahman Following Ilaiyaraaja's Footsteps AR Rahman Following Ilaiyaraaja's Footsteps

Topic started by Viknesh (@ on Fri Nov 5 03:13:52 EST 2004.
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Rahman to score music for play ‘The Lord of the Rings’
By Sushweta Ghosh

Noted composer A.R. Rahman will score the music for the play ‘The Lord of the Rings’ based on J.R. Tolkien’s famous novel by the same name. The theatrical London launch of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ comes as Hollywood builds the author’s work into its biggest box-office hit series.

A scene from the film ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
Kevin Wallace is producing the £8-million ($13.8 million) prestigious project of Rahman, meant to be London’s most expensive production ever staged in the city’s theatrical heart, the West End. While announcing the venture in London in October, Wallace said Rahman was needed to write “unique” music, with an “exotic quality” and “brilliant melodies.’ The show will be taken around the world as a multicultural global stage performance. Rahman, affectionately known among the British as the ‘Mozart of Madras,’ is to collaborate with Finish folk group Varttina for ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Rahman had also scored the music for Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s successful Hindi film-inspired London play ‘Bombay Dreams.’ According to theater critics Rahman was an inspired choice to compose the music for Tolkien’s nearly 50-year-old epic story as Rahman is known to Wallace, who has produced several Lloyd-Webber musicals.

-- ARR with no orchestral experience is stepping into Ilaiyaraaja's forte by starting to compose for orchestras. As his 'Warriors of Heaven and Earth' and 'Bombay Dreams' bombed big time, he is doing it again for Lord of the Rings musical and for Birmingham city's centennial celebrations.


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