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IlaiyaRaaja in the lanes of Andhra Pradesh IlaiyaRaaja in the lanes of Andhra Pradesh

Topic started by Prashanth (@ on Wed Aug 18 01:54:22 EDT 2004.
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Thanks to a telecast on Telugu News Channel Teja TV last night, I caught a glimpse of Our beloved Maestro Ilaiyaraaja in AndhraPradesh for the celebrations of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi. (Plz excuse me, I am not sure about the reason for the celebrations) He was accompanied by the renowned Telugu Filmstar Mohan Babu.
Mohan Babu runs a premier Educational institution by the name SriVidyaNikethan in Chitthoor and the giant portrait of the Maharshi was followed by the procession.

The procession of the followers of the Maharshi headed by Ilaiyaraaja and Mohan Babu was carried out through Anantapur, Chitthoor, it actually originated from Arunachala Hills in TN as told by the Maestro. Raaja was leading the procession by foot, himself walking down the lanes of the city. I was overwhelmed with joy to see the Maestro in the lanes of AP which I never imagined at all.

Later Raaja spoke to the lensmen, reporters in perfect Telugu in the hot sun. "I was greatly inspired by Sri Ramana Maharshi,

I normally never come out in the public but this great occasion and noble cause has driven me to spread the Mahaantha of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Its necessary for all to understand that the Maharshi is a true incarnation of Lord Shiva and is a manifestation of truth, spirituality and godliness. This awareness emphasises on how the Maharshi was treated as a normal human being when his existence was known and then as a Yogi later."

Friends, I could remember only a small fraction of words uttered by Raaja on TV. I could n't concentrate much on his words as

I was viewing Raaja and trying not to lift my vision from him, after a looooong time on Telugu TV after , perhaps, 15 years

on Doordarshan. It was during 1990-91 that He wrote music for a private song on DD instantly and sang, much for our delight.

Long Live Maestro!!!


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