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<b>Some Words from Harris Jeyaraj About A.R.Rahman & Much More</b> Some Words from Harris Jeyaraj About A.R.Rahman & Much More

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Sun Nov 7 04:49:40 EST 2004.
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Working for A. R. Rahman...

"I have worked for many composers including Rahman. Most of them would give us the notation... you had to play it ... get your payment and come away. There was nothing more. But Rahman would not expect us to stick to the notes given... he would allow us to improvise and if he liked it he would ask us to play it our way. So I think in a way it was probably working for Rahman that made me realise that there was a composer in me."

New voices ...

"I try to use different voices ... there is abundant talent around ... even now I have about 400 cassettes from aspiring singers. Quite a few are promising... so why not give them a chance," he asks. An encouraging view point for many talents out there waiting to make it big. The trend, first begun by Rahman, is now adopted by many composers old and new.


When the divine melody, "Vaseegara En Nenjinikka...", started spreading rapidly all over Tamil Nadu, many mistook this Harris Jayaraj's number to be A.R. Rahman's latest movie song. Harris Jayaraj, the 26 year old Chennai based musician, has blasted on to the tamil music scene with the release of his debut movie "Minnale" and has struck music lovers like a "Minnal" (lightning)!

Harris says that his most memorable moments in life have been the days he had worked with A R Rahman! If we attempt a comparison of the lifestory of ARR with that of Harris, we will find a lot of similarities between the two composers, leave alone the kind of music they make! Both started their musical career as keyboard players to music directors in movies, and then went on to become music composers of jingles. More strikingly, their success as composers of jingles, has paved the path to them becoming music composers in movies. More similarities - both of them obtained degrees from Trinity College, London! Even more interesting to note is that both of them have tremendous association with religion. While Rahman is a pious Muslim who performs 'Namaz' five times a day, Harris is an orthodox Christian. When asked which place in the world he really wished to go, Harris said, "I want to visit Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christ"! A.R.Rahman's father was a music composer in Malayalam movies and was also an assistant to famous music directors. Harris' father was a cine guitarist and is currently an Evangelist & Gospel music director.


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