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BBC poll - Bringing rift between IR & ARR fans... BBC poll - Bringing rift between IR & ARR fans...

Topic started by DJ (@ on Fri Dec 6 12:46:20 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I noticed that ever since the bbc poll started there has been constant accusations of bogus voting both by ARR & IR fans. Both camps cannot deny multiple voting by HC fans. Now there is another song 'Dil Dil pakistan' which is trying to compete with both Vande matharam & Rakkamma kayya thattu. There is a saying in tamil whic goes 'Ooru rendu pattal, koothadikku kondattam ' and this is a perfect example for that. Another issue is why do fans treat this poll as a big issue. Everyone who comes to this thread knows what IR and ARR means to TFM. If IR or ARR wins / or if both of them loses, does it mean that they are not good when compared to Vital Signs. I am sure that some IR fans would be happy even if RKT doesnt get first place, if RKT comes ahead of VM. Similarly if VM is 2nd and RKT is 3rd ARR fans will be delighted. Either of these 2 songs will win only if we use our common sense. Now the question is who is going to bell the cat?


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