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TMS over-do seidha padalgal ? TMS over-do seidha padalgal ?

Topic started by TMS_Virumbi (@ on Thu Jan 10 20:51:23 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

TMS has given thousands of great songs. In a few of his songs he used to stretch/change lot of words (like Vazhnam for Vannam,elndrum for endrum) to get an effect. Classic examples are

(1) Idho Endhan Deivam Munnale
(2) Avalukkum Tamil Endru Per
(3) Aagayap Pandhalile
(4) Paruthi edukayile
(5) Malligai Mullai
(6) Naan Oru rasi illa raja
(7) Malar Koduthen

TMS never did any such things in his old songs ..

Where these done intentional by TMS or was it due to aging or the MD's wanted TMS to sing like that or was it because it was mainly for Sivaji?

TMS lovers throw some light ..


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