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What would you do if your favorite MD does this?!! What would you do if your favorite MD does this?!!

Topic started by BeeGee (@ on Thu Jul 10 15:56:43 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I welcome members to contribute imaginary funny situations that will make us shocked when our favorite MD does that!

I will begin first.

Let us imagine that the audio of Mani Ratnam's new movie with ARR releases with so much fanfare.

SUN TV broadcasts the rleaeas function live and the broadcast is partnered with Zee TV since the Hindi version too releases on the same day!

All the bollywood cast and tamil cast are present (incl. rajini, kamal, Amitabh, Sharukh, Aamir khan etc etc)

Let us imagine that Lata Mangheshkar comes on stage and sings the tamil version. The song goes "Isaiyin madiyil urangum azhage minnalai paaindhu vandhaaye..." and then SPB comes on stage and sings the hindi version of it. SO they have changed the singers to just add interest!

The song sounds so beautiful like "Ennavale" and we are all so excited and whole audience applauds!

The function is over and the cassettes and CDs are released!!

Now you goto the Music Shop... and buy the cassette after waiting in line for 2 minutes hehe (thats a lot to buy a cassette nowadays)

You go home and rush to your walkman and then you open the casette. the casette cover itself is so beautiful with dark blue background like a thriller movie and faded faces of Surya, SHaam, Treisha, Meera Jasmine and Simran. The casette inlay card is so fantastic and nothing seem before.

Ok now,

you pop the casette into your walkman.... and presss the play button...

you have never ever been so excited to hear an ARR album...

now the SONG COMES!

it starts out in a glaring manner with ARR singing

"Heyyyyy dandakku dandakku dandakku dandakku
dandanakka dan dan nakka!"

"Ah Podu... Ah Podu... Ah Yegiri Yegiri Podu"

and then Hariharan sings the song in pakka deva gaana style

"Muni Muni Muni Munimaaa... Vaa Paarka Polaam Cinemaaaa"

Clinton, febi feji chorus follow

"Yeh Uttalakadi amikki podu... Yenga machaan bigula paaru... Ah Podu Ah Indha Ah Indha.. Thooki podu.."

What would your reaction be if such a thing happened?

Please dont take this as Anti-ARR. This situation would bring laughter only with ARR because nobody would expect him to do such a thing. I welcome others to contribute many such funny/shocking things that they would not want to encounter with Ir, VS, YSR, HJ..

This is for sun and to to bring out qualities in MD we will never expect!


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