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KJY and SPB: who is better? KJY and SPB: who is better?

Topic started by vetrivel (@ on Fri Mar 26 03:19:44 EST 2004.
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THIS question is like "apple, or orange, which is better/tastier?". i would say it depends on your taste. the following are my observations.
1. SPB is more popular.
2. KJY is more melodious.
3. Versatality: KJY is more versatile because he has made the crossover (thought to be impossible)between classical-light musical genres. this versatality was totally devoid of artificial devices (e.g. throwing the voice, mimicking etc). he excelled in classical/ semi classical/ devotional/ melodious/ light music genres.
4.SPB's versatality is more evident/visible to the public, because he excelled in melodious and fast/folk numbers, for which there is a wider audience. in this he is non-pareil. but there is something steriotype in this versatality (never mind the contradiction), because it is achieved by the same device viz., a light chuckle as he sings along, and a tremendous, creditable skill in mimicking. KJY could not sing such songs for life.
5.KJY should be assessed for songs upto 1996, except for some flashes of brilliance in the following period. mind, he is pushing 65 (sunder, age, not illness of throat is the reason). SPB is 7 years younger, and is still going strong, even better than earlier.
6. SPB could have been a classic singer if he trained, but now it is too late.
7. KJY has sung over 1000 songs in TAMIL (including non-filmi bathi padalkal. you can buy these 1000 songs in two paperback volumes on payment stalls anywhere in Taminadu). out of this around 400 songs were only average. 300 songs will last as middling hits. around 200 are immortal, will be around after say, a century.
8. SPB sang around 3000 songs (average output of 100 songs per year spanning 30 years). out of this, around 1000 songs were average. around 1800/1900 were middling hits which would last. around 200 are immortal, will be around after say, a century.
9. SPB is a singer in the dominant TFM or true TAMIL tradition (despite his roots), whereas KJY is not.
i do not venture to say who is better (orange or apple ?).


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