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Nizalgal... Nizalgal...

Topic started by Evolution Vii (@ on Thu Mar 13 09:16:59 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

A bharathyrajaa movie which was not appreciated when it came out & bombed in the box office due to the involvement of drugs & infidelity in the storyline...a nice coming of age movie which deserved a better place in the tfm...which was why barathyraaja said he shld have made the movie in the late 90's....

Kaviayarasu vairamuthu's 1st song for Ir or rather for TFM in the form of Pon mazhai pozhuthu excellently rendered by sp bala (though there is a confusion whether this is true or were the songs megam thiraluthadi by malaysia vasudven/ s.janaki & kannana poomahane by p susheela from the movie thanner thanner by m.s vishvanathan were written 1st)... madaithiranthu by our beloved IR, Poogathavey by deepan chakaravarthy (the only hit he had after poojaikaka vazhum poovey from kathal oviyam)...thoorathil naan by s.sankari...a musical classic in Ir's own rite...any contributions folks...


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