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Topic started by Jambu (@ on Thu Mar 1 23:54:47 EST 2001.
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Oflate, Maestro Ilayarajas statement in public has made one feel that he is tired and trying to keep off from the film music. Problably he is a composer who deserves a better platform in devotional and western classical music.

His speech in the Pondy university and the Kumudam interview has sounded his frustration in working for tfm, as Appalam and Pickles.

He is all the time talking about Thiruvannamalai and conspicously missing in the last yatra of Visiri Samiyar, which is surprising. His refusal to participate in public functions of importance, even if it is a function organised for senior musicians makes one feel that he is in a different state, which makes one wonder whether he is confused, or planning a complete dedication with Kanchi mutt for music in 100 acres institute for hinduism, with a quiet retired life.


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