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SPB - Lack of classical training SPB - Lack of classical training

Topic started by Srini (@ on Sun Jan 27 02:34:34 EST 2002.
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Hi all,

I am a huge fan of SPB.I also listen to carnatic music quite a lot. SPB's regret in life is that he didn't learn Carnatic music formally. To me, very few can match him in enjoying what he sings & put 'Bhavam' in what seems be it pathos or dance numbers or "dabaan koothu'(Nobody beats him here). If you see his stage performances, he is the only person who does not sing the song as it is on tape. All the rest , including Yesudoss, Janaki, (people who have learnt Carnatic music)sing it exactly as it is on tape. That innovation within the guidelines is what one expects out of a carnatic music concert. What are ur thoughts - Has SPB lost anything by not having learnt Carnatic music ?


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