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<b>AR Rahman has a narrow escape! (Haj)</b> AR Rahman has a narrow escape! (Haj)

Topic started by hari (@ on Mon Feb 2 23:35:54 EST 2004.
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AR Rahman who was among the pilgrims to the Haj had a narrow escape where 250 of them were trampled to death.

Muslims customary journey to Mecca is a ritual in itself in their religion. It becomes important for them to have visited the holy place at least once in their life.

2 million Devotees, both men and women began their pilgrimage from Mecca to Mina bare-footed. While crossing the 50 foot bridge in Jamaarad, chaos reigned suddenly and people were falling all over the bridge. And a lot of people were trampled to death. Some escaped with serious injuries.

According to Arabia's minister Amin Madani, 250 were dead and 300 were injured. It was reported that the dead were sidelined in the path leading to the holy place. The injured were admitted in the closest hospital.

A lot of Muslims from Tamilnadu also began the holy pilgrimage. AR Rahman was also one of them, who went along with his mother. It was miraculous that both of them escaped unhurt.

AR Rahman had been to Mecca on the 28th of January. He stayed along with his fellow travellers. This is what he said.

"I was responding to a call 3 years back asking me to come to Mecca. I told that to my mother and we both planned the trip this time. Due to the heavy workload I came here a little late. If I knew before hand that the journey could have been completed in 5 days, I would have started a little earlier. I was under the impression that it would take me atleast one whole month for the tour. I see the real meaning of equality here, with everybody staying together and wearing the same clothes not caring about their social status."


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