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Novels/Stories in TFM Novels/Stories in TFM

Topic started by OISG (@ on Tue Sep 24 11:47:03 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Malayalam film industry has a good track record of using published novels/Stories.( I don tknow about the songs there)
Tamil film industry has not used pre-written stories/novels much.Thought of discussing the songs in such movies,how well were they fitted in and how the music/songs elevated/brought down the story value.
Thyagaboomi - Kalki- Subramnaiam
Miss Malini -Kothamangalam subbu-Vasan(?)
Gomathiyin Kadalan- Thevan (a TRR starrer)
Thillana Moganambal-Kothamangalam Subbu-APN
Iruvar Ullam -Lakshmi (Penn Manam)-LV Prasad
Sila Nerangalil - JK-Bhimsingh
Oru Nadigai Nadagam paarkiral-JK
Agni Pravesam - JK (Was it released?)
Sirai-Anuradha Ramanan-RC Sakthi
Priya -Sujatha-SP Muthuraman ( sorry to include!)
Gayathri- Sujatha-SP Muthuraman
Ethu Eppadi irukku -Sujatha(Anitha elam manaivi)-SPM
Thikkatra parvathi -Rajaji-Singetham SrinivasaRao
Parthiban Kanavu-Kalki-??(is it ok to include?)
Mogamul-Thi.Ja- Gnanasekaran

Shall we include
Padavikkaga -(Mudalvan)-Sujatha-Shankar
Kallukkul Eeram (Hey Ram)-Ra.Su.Nall perumal-Kamal

In my view Sila nerangalil should rank first as a goos story,good songs in a well made movie,followed by Iruvar Ullam (a run-of-the mill story) brilliantly scripted and directed by LV Prasad.


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