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Will Raaja's Fans Think? Will Raaja's Fans Think?

Topic started by no jalra (@ on Tue Nov 27 03:38:26 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Every time arr releases an album these guys immediatly write it off.this happened in every single album of arr.

But like the old phrase 'sooriyanai pathu nai koraikkuthu' their outright opposition never affect the sales or sweetness of arr's music.

Illaiyaraja 'kusu'-sorry to use this term but the circumstances requires- vittal kooda adhai in detaila praise panni adhil symphony iruukku carnatic kalanthurukkunnu 100 thread aarambikum rasigargal konjam yosikka vendum.

There is no doubt rajaa is a music genious.but that does not mean every other music director is stupid.

Now a days many new music directors give good songs.yuvan,karthik,harriss,bharani,vidyasagar,manisharma,baradwaj etc. Music has become democratic from autocratic rajaa's rule.

Infact this years huge hits are given by deva 'maley maley',vidyasagar'dill','alli thantha vaanam',hariss jayaraj '12b', 'majnu' but there were no threads discuss them. even if u start one it will get no response.

but if u start a thread say 'yuvan wins oscar' or 'illaiyaraja catches cold' u will get responses like anything.

And there is a funny top ten list which puts 12b in the last place. computer padichu internetlam theriyura padichavangaley ippadi kalla oottu pota padikkatha janga electionla kalla oottu podathan seivanga.

And it is important to note there is no huge hit from raaja these years.


will raaja's fans think?


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