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Ilayaraja's recycled hits Ilayaraja's recycled hits

Topic started by Udhaya (@ on Mon Jun 4 14:01:28 EDT 2001.
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In a recent thread, discussion turned to the validity of recycling a tune from one language to another by the same composer. I believe itís good to have a good tune in as many languages as possible since it may be new to someone who focuses in only one language. Many in the DF feel that a recycled tune shows the composer in a bad light. Anyway, during this discussion I realized that Ilayaraja has many Telugu to Thamizh and vice-versa recycled hits. Since we donít have a list of all these remade movies and soundtracks, I would like to come up with a thorough list of all such movies by Ilayaraja along with details about singers who sang the original and the recycled tune.


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