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Irritating Songs - How were they composed or were even hits Irritating Songs - How were they composed or were even hits

Topic started by HCIRF / HCIRCritic (@ on Tue Jun 25 02:29:27 EDT 2002.
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This thread can raise serious conflagration here. But, i want to take it off my chest. Now is the time, with topics like Twisted Voice Of Janaki and other hannibal inspired themse likely, the mood is set. Seriously, think about the following songs in light of even ordinary compositions and see how you just turn you off:
1) Edho Moham (Maestro' favorite I hear, and I don't know how? IMHO, one of the silliest tunes, overrated and worst voices - Krishnachandran. Among the 4000 songs, this is the one of the 3 or 4 songs of IR I just cannot accept.
2) Inji Iduppu Azhagi - what a nerve wrakcing tune and on top of SJ throwing her nasal convulsions, but is apt for Revathi. (I could not also like Pothu Vehca Malligai Mottu maybe because of revathi - but a song overrated though)
3) Solai Pushpangaley - not a bad tune, but just horrible as a whole! Even GAmaran's voice comes out nasty here.
4) Povoma Oorkolan by Swarnalatha - that singer's voice makes me dislike the tune also. She has the talent to knock off a nice tune with her nose.
5)Hello Mr. Ethirkachi - most pretentious composition.
6) September Maatham - ties with Hello Mr. Ethirkachi
7) Columbus, Columbus - what is this, sir? for, Broadway Dreams?!
And, a song each in ARR/BR film, Bhagavathipuram railway gate and Oru Odai Nadhiyagirudhu I think. But, anyone has songs that you literllay hate because swarnalatha put her nose into it or IR thought Edho Moham became a unexpected cult hit, let me say I too like it. And, not to forget Anney Aney Sipahi Anney - I mean I have great memories of this song, but what a weird number! Go for it, fellas


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