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Is This The End Of Looking Forward To ARR Songs? Is This The End Of Looking Forward To ARR Songs?

Topic started by MusicLover (@ on Sun May 4 08:22:11 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Firstly, where the hell is he? I know he did some concerts or something but where are all his latest movies and hits? Parasuram should be opening soon but what happened to the rest?? I was looking fwd to Yelelo, Boys, New, E18U20(something like that!), etc. All these films supposed to have opened some time ago but they have vanished. Did he delay these films again or the producers withdrew the films?

What's more, nowadays his music has become so mundane that the feelings I use to have looking out for the release so eagerly have also vanished. Has the upsurge in quality by other newcomers made his music so mundane? Has he given up film music. His Bombay Dreams has been a total failure and a waste of time listening to it. Just where is he & what is he up to?


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