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Ten Commandments for Yuvan Shanker Raja!! Ten Commandments for Yuvan Shanker Raja!!

Topic started by Prem (@ on Sun Feb 23 23:14:10 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Here is my version of the 10 Cs for YSR, for him to gain more popularity and rule the roost of TFM.
1) Stop Singing
2) Get Married (Worked wonders for IR & ARR, but not for KR, nevertheless he can give it a shot)
3) Change hairstyle (flowing tresses and stuff)
4) Release your own version of VANDE MATARAM or JANA GANA MANA.
5) Increase your fee to a few crores (Popularity is directly proportional to the amount of money charged)
6) Get into a deal or contract with some ex-famous musician in London or US and advertise,hype the Contract like Hell
7) Change ur relegion (IR changed from Christian to Hindu and became famous, ARR from Hindu to Muslim)
8) Become friends with sophisticated people like Sujatha, Madhan etc.,
9) Use lyricists, who can come up with meaningless, jingoistic words (u r doing it already. . . keep up the good work)
10) Last but not the least, ensure that your BGM is nothing but the instrumental version of your songs!!


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