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ARR without Vairamuthu ARR without Vairamuthu

Topic started by Choochan (@ on Mon Mar 29 02:40:13 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

ARR had good success with Vairamuthu in the past and also proved it again with the success of AE and NEW songs after some failures for ARR with other Lyrics writers..

Shall we discuss either those failures are incidental ?

Eventhough BOYS songs are hit, but there is no distinction in Lyrics...

But don't say Vairamuthu has also writtern Tanglish songs, meaningless songs.. It is difficult for any musician or lyrics writer to do what they want to do. Because they have to satisfy all kind of people more than that Producer who put money in the film has to be happy with end product.

Nowa days you can't identify a song with a conviction that it is by So and so...

Vairamuthu stands out all..

The same applies to anything... If you are not able to standout of all... You can't win.. Songs may be hit, but you can't identify who has written the song. But that not the case for Vairamuthu.

Eventhough IR has succeeed without Vairamuthu, but that combination quality was missing in without variamuthu. The same is applicable to ARR.

Kindly discuss on the subject about the quality of Lyrics and singers other than Music...


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