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Importance of BGM in movies Importance of BGM in movies

Topic started by Venkatesh (@ on Mon Apr 29 09:07:06 EDT 2002.
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I have read opinions that BGM is not part of the movie and it should not intrude in the story / narration. However, I would like you to discuss the importance of BGM in TFM vis--vis foreign movies. Is BGM not an integral element of a movie to be enjoyed particularly, just like direction, dialogues, etc. or is it meant only for critics to concentrate on depts like BGM, editing, screenplay, etc?

Raja has said in one interview that BGM will assume greater importance in the movies in future. In Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (climax), Sethu, etc, we have seen BGM giving a life to the situation, where it replaced the dialogues. There were also couple of instances where Raja said to be camouflage the flaws in the narration with his music.

What is your opinion on this?


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