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A R Rahman's Telugu ``Naani'' audio release possibly on Aug 9th. A R Rahman's Telugu ``Naani'' audio release possibly on Aug 9th.

Topic started by Fan (@ on Tue Aug 5 05:34:24 EDT 2003.
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[Source: Sify, Non Stop Cinema, July 2003]

Usually fans expect something special from their favorite's stars on thier birthday. This time Mahesh Babu is releasing his latest film Naani's audio on the 9th of August. His birthday also falls on the same day. The film has 8 tunes scored by A.R Rahman. Its produced by Indira Creations banner and is being produced by sibling Manjula. S.J Surya directs this film. Its inspired from the Hollywood film - The Big. This movie is made simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. In Tamil it is titled "New". The shooting for the Telugu version is over e;1;1;128;128;1;0x;1;1;128;128;1;0xxcept a few songs and some patch work. Mahesh worked very hard for the film as shooting was done in Chennai. Amisha Patel is paired opposite Mahesh in this venture.

In Telugu Surya has completed the shoot of Naani starring Andhra heart throb Mahesh Babu and Amisha Patel in the lead. The film produced by Mahesh’s sister Manjula, wants to release the film during Dassera festival (October).

But director Surya is in a fix as Naani is the Telugu version of his Tamil film New starring himself as the hero and Simran. New is still incomplete and there are no buyers for it.


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