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TFM songs composed in JAZZ Style and Arrangement TFM songs composed in JAZZ Style and Arrangement

Topic started by UV (@ on Fri Feb 23 12:31:19 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Can you list some of the TFM songs composed JAzz style.
I can think of only one TFM composer as well as India is MR IR.
He is the one who has composed or attempt some Jazz style songs
examples Aasai Nooru Vaghai from Adutha Varisu,there is one song from the movie Ellam Inba Mayam with beautiful trumpet lead,Kannan Vandhu Pada vanthan song from rettai val kuruvi and finnally in his How to name it there is trumpet peice set to Panduvarali ragam.
If you guys can recollect songs by any composer composed in Jazz style will be much appreciated


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