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<b>Pa Vijay and Pazhani Bharathi <i>Present</i>, Vairamuthu and Vaaly <i>Absent</i>??</b> Pa Vijay and Pazhani Bharathi Present, Vairamuthu and Vaaly Absent??

Topic started by Jay (@ on Sat Apr 19 07:16:41 EDT 2003.
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Hello A R Rahman fans! in the last 2 music albums of A R Rahman, Vairamuthu and Vaaly seem to be absent on a macro level. Vairamuthu wrote all the song lyrics for A R Rahman last in Mani Ratnam's Kannathil Muthamittal. In Baba, Vairamuthu and Vaaly shared the album. In Kathir's Kadhal Virus, Pa Vijay had a chartbuster song, Aye Aye enna aachu unakku... and the rest were by Vaaly. But, in Udhaya, Pazhani Bharathi, Gangai Amaran, Ilayakamban, Arivumathi, seem to have taken place. Udhaya felt the absence of Vairamuthu and Vaaly. Now, Parasuram, has just one song from Vairamuthu and the rest by Pa Vijay, Kapilan, Pazhani Bharathi. Even Shankar's Boys is supposed to have a song from Kapilan, which, Shankar has told that will be an Anthem of the youth, when the album releases. Jothikrishna's Unakku 20 Enakku 18, is supposed to have a couple of songs from Pa Vijay. Somehow, I feel that Vairamuthu is also the soul of A R Rahman's Tamil albums.

Let's hope that Mani Ratnam's Ayudha Ezhuthu and S J Surya's New and the following albums have Vairamuthu's lyrics!!! Fingers crossed.

I agree that we have to accept new upcoming lyricists also, but what do you have to say friends?


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