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Musical Arrangements, Prelude, Interludes of IR.. Musical Arrangements, Prelude, Interludes of IR..

Topic started by Awe (@ on Thu Sep 19 11:42:22 EDT 2002.
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There was a time when i used to listen to IR songs, and liked without even knowing why i liked. Now when i listen to them again, i can sense why i like it. His ability to maintain the mood of the song throughout, brilliant musical arrangments and great fusion works.People can share such songs here.

Illam Nenje Vaa - Vanna Vanna Pookkal

There are few equals in this world to Yesudas's soothing voice. He opens the song with his great voice. Melodies don't mean nasal singing and not going high pitch. This is a perfect example. A flute opens up the proceedings. Then there is a series of western beats. Don't watch it in movie. Prasanth's awful dance will distract you. The same beat continues even after KJY starts singing. Then before first charanam just listen to his fusion music of classical, western and folk.. Masterpiece... Then he switches back to western beat and traditional music in the first charanam. Again his experiment continues between first and second charanam. The interlude is all about fusion.

Oh kalai kuyilgale - Unnai Vazthi Padukiren

Terrific song.. A very happy song start to finish with brilliant vocal by evergreen S.Janaki. Pretty much western music dominates after pallavi. Listen to the interlude after first stanza. There is this sound alternates between your left and right speaker. Great song...


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