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TFM and Ballroom Dancing TFM and Ballroom Dancing

Topic started by muthax (@ on Tue Oct 6 17:01:14 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Dear DFers,

We have been discussing a lot about TFM, composers, lyricists, singers, the new trend the (g)oldies, melody, rythym, beat etc etc etc......
In this thread i wud like to get a feedback from u all and based on ur feedback i want to decide on something which i wanted to do for quite sometime.
Yes my query is
"can u guys name a few good songs which can be choreographed for a ballroom dance?".
Hey Hold on!!!
I will tell u the background for my query also.
I am learning ballroom dance for quite sometime now. In December our batch has to choreograph our dance for some intra-school festival. I have a team of 3 with me. we four have to choreograph for three songs(basically 20 mins programme).
So I have decided to make my team dance for the tunes of IR/MSV/ARR and others. The other three are *not* indians.
All i want u guys to do is to suggest me some songs from which i will select three of them to choreograph.
It wud be of great help from u guys if ur suggestion pours in. I have to deicde by 25th of this month and start the choreography with my team. some experienced dancers from the DF can also give me some suggestions.
The song can be of waltz, tango type.
I have few songs in my mind.
The first which comes out my mind is
"Unnidam Mayangugiren"

Thanx in advance guys!


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