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How MDs faired in handling pre-written lyrics How MDs faired in handling pre-written lyrics

Topic started by Kupps (@ on Mon May 13 07:57:55 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

As we all know during olden days cine songs were created predominantly with tunes for lyrics style. Only during the later parts the style became the reverse. Lets try to find out how our MDs, over the period of time, have performed well (or) not well in tuning the pre-written lyrics. TFM can be categorized into GR-SVV-CSR era; KVM-VR(MSV) era; IR era; ARR era, based on the then popular and versatile MDs. Lets try to dish out how well MDs of these era (not necessarily only-these-MDs but also other MDs like V.Kumar, S-G who belong to one or other categories) have performed in tuning the pre-written lyrics. Lets try to analyse by picking examples and see whether the MD has done exceptionally-well/well/ok/bad/worse for that pre written lyrics. The intension is to just analyse HOW THIS MD HAS PERFORMED and NOT who has performed better, though we may go for comparisons but healthier ones.

Here we go...


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