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MG Vallaban is no more MG Vallaban is no more

Topic started by RR (@ on Sat Oct 25 00:35:28 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

MG Vallabhan, a well-known TFM lyricist, has passed away. He has
penned over 200 songs (predominantly under Ilayaraja) including
'aagaaya gangai' (dharma yuddham),
'meen kodi theril' (karumbu vil), 'kan malargalin azhaippithazh' (thaippongal),
odathila thanneeru (karai kadandha orunthi),etc. Having written screenplay,
dialogues for a few movies (e.g. udhaya geetham), he also directed the movie
Thaippongal. He was also an active journalist.

Post your condolences here.


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