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Abhay/Alavandan -Super Duper Flop Abhay/Alavandan -Super Duper Flop

Topic started by Kuruvi (@ on Wed Nov 14 12:16:54 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.
Some of the reviews are already out for Abhay/Alavandan.
They say they are the fearless one for having to sit 3hrs of sheer torture and boredom
only saving grace is some technical shots
rest is so bore saying 'Kamals Abhay falls hard on face'
Poor producer Dhaanu :( should have made his sure bet with Vijayakanth or Rajni would have made some money.
Kamal make the producers go bankrupt in most of his boring movies(eg Hey Ram -Bharat Shah and now Dhaanu)


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