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Ilayaraja is a Vengaayam Ilayaraja is a Vengaayam

Topic started by Nijam (@ on Wed Aug 28 22:11:01 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Kannadasan said: Vengayatha uruchi paarthaa kadaisiyile onnum irukkaathu.

I feel that this applies to IR very aptly. If you take apart all the hype surrounding him there is actually nothing.

His prowess in BGM, fan base, prolific in songs, etc are all merely hype created to hide his lack of talents. His lead in TFM during the 80s were largely due to his assocation with good directors, popular actors, brand names, personalities such as Ganagai Amaran & Vairamuthu, lack of real competition, and the usual jalra koottam.

The purpose of this thread is to remove all the layers surrounding IR and expose the real IR.


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