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phenomenal quality of IR music phenomenal quality of IR music

Topic started by sathya (@ on Mon Aug 25 09:59:33 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

phenomenal quality of IR music

so far we have discussed all the aspects of IR is another
such move to discuss about a distinctive aspect IR's music.whenever i
listened some songs of IR an esoteric feeling surrounding
unidentifiable feeling,a combination of sad,happy,mournful etc (inam puriuatha
oru sogam) keep you out of this world for that i listed SOME
of (not all) such songs,

poonkatru pudithanudu (moonram pirai)

En vaniley (Jhony)

Meti oli (meti)

........ .......

have you ever felt like this? then discuss about those songs and your
feelings with us.


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