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Rehana's MACHI Rehana's MACHI

Topic started by q (@ on Sat Mar 13 04:36:44 EST 2004.
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Novelties in ‘Machchi’
- 13.03.2004
After producing films like ‘King’, ‘Thirudaa Thirudee’ and ‘Pudhukottaiyil Irundhu Saravanan’, Indian Theatre Productions is getting ready for its next film ‘Machchi’. Lot of new things are happening in that film.

The film marks the debut of director KS Vasanth Kumar. Dushyanth is playing the hero and MS Chennai and one of the top models, Subha Punja is playing the heroine. AR Rehman’s sister AR Rehna is making her debut as a music director in the film.

Until now, only directors like Yash Chopra and Mahesgh Bhatt had been using the Workshop method of acting in India. For the first time, this method is going to be tried in the film ‘Machchi’. All the characters, including the hero and heroine are going to be trained for the next 45 days. They are going to change their mannerisms and behavior to suit the roles that they play.

The whole film is going to be shot in Coimbatore (the film’s story happens there). At the LD Road, near Coimbatore bypass road, a latest instrument, called the Pentagon, is going to be used to shoot a chasing sequence involving four motorbikes and 4 tripper lorries. In the film, the lorries chase the bikes. The sequence is going to be shot in 6 days.

The film stresses the thought that there is not much difference between a mother and a true friend. Dushyanth has done a very unusual makeup and styling in the film. Amidst directors who play it safe by choosing romantic subjects for their first film, KS Vasanthkumar belongs to the likes of Shankar, Maharajan and ‘Arasu’ Suresh, who chose to make action films.


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